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Source: Whangarei District Council

This page contains updates about the new recycling bins being trialed in Hikurangi.

Updated: 19/09/2019 3:23 p.m.

​The great blue crate experiment is going well in Hikurangi with 90% of households using the bins the correct way in the second week of pick-ups. 

Please put glass to be recycled in the blue bin.

“We distributed the bins to 548 households and three households called us because they had missed out,” said Solid Waste Engineer David Lindsay. 

“That is a good result for us because it means we missed delivering to less than one per cent of our target households. That helps us to estimate the number of calls we are likely to get from people when we roll the bins out District-wide in November. 

“We also delivered fliers to each letterbox along the route to explain to families how to use the crates.

“In the first week about 25% of households got it a bit wrong – either putting recyclable glass in the red crates or putting tins or plastic in the blue crates. We gave them a bright orange sticker with an explanation of what was wrong. In case anyone was wondering, the orange stickers do come off if you wet them.

“In the second week things improved a lot, with only about 10% of crates receiving the orange stickers.

 “The collection crews are reporting faster collections and think things will improve more as people learn the system and crews don’t have to use the orange stickers.

“From us the message is – thanks Hikurangi!

You are doing a great job. From you we are learning how our delivery system works, how well people understand what to do with the bins, how many orange stickers we might need to be ready to use in November, and what we can do to make the system even more straight forward for people.”