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Source: Whangarei District Council

This page contains the announcement of a water feature in the planned Town Basin Park.

Updated: 19/09/2019 3:49 p.m.

​An interactive water feature at Whangārei’s new Town Basin Park will entertain visitors during both the day and night.

An artist’s impression showing the central location of the water feature which is designed to be enjoyed by all ages.


Children will delight in running and splashing through the jets of water on summer days while colourful light displays will illuminate the park at night.

Water features like the one that will be installed at the Town Basin Park have proved to be popular and fun park additions in other places around New Zealand and the world.

The water feature will be located in the centre of the park so it is visible from all pedestrian entrances – drawing visitors in.

It includes 19 water jets, each with LED lighting, that can be programmed with varying sequences and colour displays.

The water is recycled and treated to enable use all year round, especially during long, hot, dry periods when there can be water restrictions. Water will be continuously treated to a high standard to ensure it is safe for play.

During events the water jets can be turned off so the area becomes a large flat paved plaza.

A water play feature is also planned for the new Pohe Island Destination Playground.