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Source: New Zealand Police

Firearm owners with unique prohibited items can now apply to Police for compensation as part of the firearms buy-back scheme. 

Applications must meet the criteria specified in the Arms Regulations.

“I’d like to thank relevant firearm holders for their patience as Police worked through the process of applying for compensation for unique prohibited items,” says Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement. 

“The Arms Regulations recognise that the pricelist cannot include everything – there will be some unique or rare items that require individual consideration.

“Likewise, some owners may have modified their prohibited item in a way that has significantly increased its value.”

In such cases, affected owners are able to apply to Police who will then determine compensation for that particular item.

After receiving the application, Police may need the applicant to obtain and pay for a valuation from a Police approved valuer – a list is available on Police’s website.

Applications need to meet one of the three criteria below:

• The prohibited item is not listed in the price list and it is rare, or has other distinguishing characteristics that significantly affect its value, or

• The prohibited item is not listed in the price list and it is otherwise unique and is substantially different from any other prohibited item listed in the compensation schedule, or

• If the prohibited item is listed in the price list but the item has been modified in such a manner, and to such an extent, that you have reasonable grounds to believe the value of the item is at least 30% above the base price for that item listed in the price list.

Applications must be submitted as soon as possible as the end-to-end process needs to be complete by 20 December when the amnesty and buyback ends.

Applicants must complete an application form which is available on the Police website. They will also need to pay a non-refundable application fee of $138 (GST inclusive) within seven days of receiving their invoice – the fee covers the cost of processing the application.

Firearm owners, who own more than one unique prohibited item, should submit a supplementary application form for every additional item and submit these applications together. That way, they will not be required to pay an additional application fee. 

The amount of compensation payable for a unique prohibited item does not include any economic loss, consequential loss, business interruption or any loss attributable to intrinsic or sentimental value.

There is detailed information on Police’s website about how to apply, or you can call 0800 311 311 for more information.


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