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Source: Whangarei District Council

This page contains news about a sculpture at Bascule Park

Updated: 11/09/2019 12:10 p.m.

​A new, prize-winning sculpture by Steve Molloy was blessed and unveiled on Friday at Whangarei’s Bascule Park and Carpark. 

The re-designed park and car park areas now feature planting, furniture, a boardwalk and pergola. All that remains to be done is sealing, painting the parking area and lighting installation. 

The sculpture won the Whangarei District Council public art award at last year’s Sculpture Symposium.

Called Intrepid Journey, the sculpture is made of Taranaki andesite, and its base is made of basalt. 

The story behind the sculpture:

“Guided by the wind and the stars our ancestors set forth on their Intrepid Journey. Using the knowledge from the past to use in the present and guide us into the future. The top stone is from Taranaki and the base from Whangarei. They have travelled to come together and tell a story about our past as we speak of it in the present and we will be told again in the future.”

As 2018 was the 250th anniversary of the voyage of the Endeavour and Captain James Cook’s exploration of the New Zealand coast, the theme of the event was ‘Journey’, a tribute to Tuia Encounters 250 celebrations sponsored by Council in association with Creative Northland. 

The Sculpture Symposium takes place every two years, and last year was the first time it had been held on Hihiaua Peninsula, which also features the grand, stone, Waka and Wave Millennium Sculpture. 

The event is open to members of the public who are invited to watch and engage with artists as they develop their creations over 10 days. 

This location beside the popular Loop walkway exposed many of those walking the loop for fun and health to the event and its creative processes.