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Source: Te Kura – Correspondence School

Who would have thought that recordings of Geometric Reasonings could prove so popular?

Te Kura maths teacher, Loganathan Narayanaswamy‘s tutorials are being sought by students who just can’t get up in time, despite some valiant efforts!  They’ve even been sleeping through lessons!

However, the problem isn’t idleness, but because they’re in different time zones.

 One of Logan’s students made the plea: “I am in Slovakia and it is 1 am in the morning each time when you are running the MCAT workshops. I have joined the first two but I am finding it hard to join it each time as it is so late here.”

Logan decided to record his lessons and he’s now reaching students in Cambodia and Saudi Arabia.

And it’s much appreciated by the students.

Says one student: “Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in time for today’s tutorial as I was asleep because 11 am NZ time is 2:00 am in Saudi Arabia. Could you please send me the recorded tutorial- I find them very helpful.”

Logan’s been at Te Kura for only a short time – and he says he’s really enjoying working with Te Kura students – with the overseas dimension being particularly interesting!