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Source: National Party

National is considering new approaches to infrastructure funding and procurement as we run the ruler over our policies heading into 2020, National’s Infrastructure and Transport spokespeople Paul Goldsmith and Chris Bishop say.

“We are open to new, innovative funding mechanisms ranging from commercial revenue schemes, partnerships with the private sector and capital injections from general Government spending,” Mr Goldsmith says.

“Not only has the Government failed to deliver more infrastructure, the infrastructure it has prioritised is low quality. The failure to deliver a high quality infrastructure plan has destroyed confidence in the construction sector and contributed to New Zealand’s slowing economy.

“We have already committed to overhauling the RMA to make it more efficient and predictable. This will mean that rules are clear and well defined, outcomes adequately balance costs, and benefits and timeframes are short and consistent.”

“The Government has stopped or postponed a dozen roading projects, which were ready to get underway, and replaced them with projects that aren’t ready to go and won’t be for a long time yet,” Mr Bishop says.

“We are also open to exploring pricing mechanisms that will help to efficiently manage the flow of traffic and are revenue neutral.

“In short, National will revive the economy by having a plan for growth that would see confidence bounce back and the economy gain the strength it’s lost under this Government.

“We have shown our commitment to building more roads through our Roads of National Significance. We will build more roads and get New Zealand moving again.” 

National’s Economy Discussion Document can be found here