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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions
Source: CoreLogic

Richard Deakin, CoreLogic Head of Insurance comments:

Australia and New Zealand have experienced significant natural disasters in recent years. The floods in Queensland, earthquakes in Christchurch and Kaikoura as well as bushfires in South Australia highlight just how vulnerable residents can be to these massive unforeseen events and how much they reply on insurance to protect themselves, their properties and their belongings.

When you’re at the whim of Mother Nature, having an appropriate level of home and contents insurance is an absolute necessity. Nevertheless, living in a hazard capital means insurance comes at an ever-increasing price.

We only have to look to Wellington as an example to see how recent regulatory change (following amends to the Earthquake Commission Act) and a more granular approach to risk management have seen insurers re-evaluate the risks they are taking on. As a consequence, premiums have been steadily rising and this presents a raft of challenges for homeowners across the region. The following synopsis of the changing face of insurance in Wellington could be of interest to you as a fellow Tasman resident, and give an insight into what happens when a market moves from generalised to granular risk based pricing.

As well as being a participant in the sector in my role as insurance commentator for Australian and New Zealand, and leading the NZ insurance business, I’m also a home owner and therefore insurance customer, so I’ve seen firsthand the steady rise in premiums in the past few years.