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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions
Source: Entec

Entec New Zealand raises the bar with the capability to service all Industrial Scientific gas detection equipment locally.

Some brands of gas detection equipment are required to be sent offshore for calibration, repair or servicing. This is where Entec sets a new standard by being the only company in New Zealand with an authorised service centre and technicians trained to work on Industrial Scientific gas monitoring instruments.

Entec has long been affiliated with Industrial Scientific, world leaders in the manufacture and supply of gas detection equipment, including fixed units and portable wireless devices. Industrial Scientific are pioneers in the gas detection industry, operating since 1985 and having the achievement of installing the first gas detector on a NASA space shuttle.  This knowledge and experience have contributed to the development of their range of portable gas detectors and monitors. They can detect a variety of toxic and combustible gases making their application useful in a variety of environments.

Both Entec and Industrial Scientific are committed to keeping your workers safe from harmful atmospheres and are dedicated to reducing the risk of serious injury or death resulting from poorly maintained devices. In order to adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications, and to ensure reliability and accuracy, regular maintenance on your gas detection equipment should always be taken seriously.

Entec understands the link between worker safety and maintenance turnaround.

“We appreciate gas detectors are life-saving devices and therefore need to spend the absolute minimum amount of time in a servicing facility” – Bob Weston, Managing Director

Having the only authorised service centre for Industrial Scientific in New Zealand has numerous advantages.

Downtime for equipment servicing, calibration and repairs is drastically reduced, saving the costly inconvenience of purchasing or renting replacements while gas detectors are in the service centre. Previously, offshore servicing could take up to 5 weeks, causing frustrating disruption in the industry.

 “Our customers have invested in gas detectors so they can be used on-site, not sitting in a service centre awaiting attention” – Bob Weston

This new service provision will guarantee the safety of workers while increasing productivity. Entec is continuously looking for innovative ways to work alongside New Zealand companies to deliver high quality products and services to the industry.