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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions
Source: Social Credit Party

Social Credit is calling for the Wellington electricity network to be returned to New Zealand ownership.

It is sheer madness for the electricity supply of critical infrastructure such as the New Zealand Parliament, Wellington Airport, all major government institutions including the Police and Security Intelligence Service, and network security-sensitive customers such as Datacom and the Department of Corrections to be in the hands of an overseas owner.

The same applies to power for the critical infrastructure of the region’s local authorities including water, waste water, street lights, the transport network, the port, hospitals, the telephone network and the head offices of the country’s banks and major businesses.

Only yesterday Vector chief executive Simon Mackenzie pointed to major issues relating to energy security and cyber security that need to be addressed.

Among those major issues is the ownership of Wellington’s electricity network, which, despite claiming on its website that it is a local company, is wholly owned by C&K Infrastructure Holdings, a Chinese conglomerate registered in the Cayman Islands and part of the stable of China’s richest man Li Ka-Shing.

This is especially critical given the international issues developing between China and the United States.

Should those escalate in the future New Zealand’s decision-making heart could be disabled by a flick of the switch.

Both National and Labour governments since 1984 have made an artform out of smoothing the way for the sale of New Zealand’s land, most productive companies, and critical infrastructure to overseas owners.

That ‘smoothing of the way’ has been recognised by large donations to the political campaigns of both parties.

A compulsory re-purchase could be made without breaching the provisions of either the China Free Trade Agreement or others such as the Trans Pacific Partnership, which provide for security issues to be addressed.


In July 2008 the network was purchased by CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited (formerly known as Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited) and Power Assets Holdings Limited (formerly known as Hongkong Electric).  CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited is registered in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands

The Wellington Electricity’s website states –

“We are a local company, working hard to keep the lights on for our residential and business customers”

The Wellington CBDis the largest business and retail centre for the region and includes the head offices for most government departments, although there are also significant retail centres inLower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua.

The total length of the Wellington Electricity network is 4,680km servicing 166,000 homes and businesses in the Wellington, HuttValley and Porirua

NZ Parliament
Major infrastructure providers such as Wellington Airportand Centreport
Wellington, Kenepuru and Hutt Hospitals
Large education institutions such as Victoria University andMassey University
Regional and local authorities, including council infrastructure such as water and wastewater treatment and pumping stations, as well as provision of the streetlight network

There are also a number of network security-sensitive customers such as Weta Digital, Datacom and Department of Corrections.