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Source: Business Central

Businesses will welcome the extra government funding to boost literacy and numeracy training in the workplace, says Business Central.
“We need to upskill those in the lower-skilled jobs if we are to lift productivity, and the extra $14.5 million announced today will help push that along,” says Chief Executive John Milford.
“These people are a vital part of our economy and we need them to be performing as best they can.
“This will be particularly vital as the changing nature of work demands even higher skills into the future.
“It’s a win-win – improving productivity, but also improving the quality of life for those who didn’t get much out of school.
“Businesses are constantly telling us that finding people with the skills to do the job is one of the biggest impediments to them moving ahead, and on-the-job training is a great way to help solve that.
“It catches those who don’t have the time outside work hours to improve their skills, and enables them to apply it practically to their jobs.
“All employers want their people to work more efficiently, so I know they will embrace anything that upskills them.
“Obviously it would be much better if everyone had a high level of literacy and numeracy by the time they left school, and that must continue to be the ultimate goal, but for those who slipped through the cracks this is the next best thing.
“The Government’s Tripartite Future of Work Forum is to be congratulated for pushing for this.”