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Source: Auckland Council

More than $1 million has been allocated to seven road safety projects in Papakura from Auckland Transport’s Community Safety Fund – $250,000 more than is available – with Papakura Local Board making up the shortfall.

The AT fund was launched after the introduction of the fuel tax. The fund allocates money to Auckland’s 21 local boards. Papakura’s share of the $20 million budget is about $750,000.

The seven projects will take place over the next two years, with three installing pedestrian crossing facilities at East Street, Wood Street and Clevedon Road near Grove Road, each costing $260,000.

The three crossings alone exceed the available budget, and board members have asked Auckland Transport for detailed cost breakdowns. The Wood Street crossing will be built this year, the other projects all coming in the second year.

Alongside the crossings, pedestrian safety improvements will be put in place at Settlement Road near the Presbyterian Church, at Elliott Street near Ray Small Park, and at Manuroa Road at Old Park, all costing $65,000.

Similar improvements will be made at the Porchester Road and Manuroa Road intersection but will cost $78,000.

The board has also received confirmation from Auckland Transport that the electronic gating project at the train station is likely to proceed despite reports of a freeze on the project.

Members have expressed concern over a reduction of bus services in the area, saying it would increase the demand for parking at the train station as more people drove to the station.