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Source: National Party

The Government has, yet again, failed the open and transparent test by gaming the Official Information Act to avoid releasing a letter that spells out this country’s infrastructure crisis, National’s Infrastructure spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“National’s attempts to have the highly-critical letter penned by the Business Council released under the OIA have been rebuffed, with the Government extending the time limit for deciding on whether to release it or not.

“The Government claims it needs an extra 20 working days to ‘consult’ before making a decision. What rubbish. The letter clearly discusses a matter of public interest.

“It has already found its way to some media, so why is the Government not releasing it to the wider public? The people of New Zealand deserve to see it in full.

“The reason is no doubt because the Government doesn’t want to acknowledge the uncomfortable truths that are spelled out in its pages.

“According to media reports, the letter says we’re at an ‘infrastructure crisis point’ and calls on the Government to proceed with 12 roading projects that were ‘investment ready’ under National but are now on hold or under review.

“It reportedly says there is no overarching vision or leadership in New Zealand for infrastructure development.

“Hot on the heels of the Julie Anne Genter secret letter saga, this Government continues to be a closed door when it comes to the public.

“Its pledge to be the most open and transparent ever is a joke. You can add it to the long list of promises it has failed to deliver on.”