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Source: Taxpayers Union

“Low emissions fund” helps burn bunker oil
The $65,000 granted to Interislander so it can install electric vehicle chargers on its ferries is the most absurd waste of money yet to be delivered by the “Low Emissions” vehicle fund, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.“This subsidy does not help to reduce emissions. It does the opposite. Instead of using clean energy chargers on the mainland, electric vehicles owners will hook up to a charger powered by the ferry’s bunker-oil engine. It would be funny if it wasn’t funded with taxpayer dollars.”“This was the first grant highlighted in the Minister’s press release, which bodes badly for the value of the other 28 grants, which together total $4.5 million in spending. These grants include taxpayer handouts for The Warehouse Group, Mevo, Vector, and various other private companies who ought to be able to pay for EVs and charging stations themselves.”“This is all green-wash corporate welfare that benefits the recipients, at the expense of taxpayers. People are already buying EVs to save on fuel, and businesses are providing charging stations to meet demand. There is no problem here that requires taxpayer intervention.”