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Source: SAFE NZ

New Zealand’s first Cage-Free Egg Directory has launched today, listing businesses who have committed to going cage-free, and those who are yet to produce a cage-free policy.
The directory launched by animal rights organisation SAFE, catalogues companies operating across New Zealand with each business’s current status with regards to its policy on the use of eggs sourced from caged hens.
SAFE Head of Campaigns Marianne Macdonald says the directory will help Kiwis make educated purchase decisions.
“The Cage-Free Egg Directory is a powerful tool for the three out of four New Zealanders who are against the cruel caging of hens,” says Ms Macdonald.
“Caring Kiwis want to know where their food comes from, and this directory will help them make choices that align with their ethical values. Businesses in 2019 are expected to be socially responsible and those that choose to avoid this issue are lagging behind.”
All of New Zealand’s supermarkets have committed to going 100% cage-free, as well as the country’s leading food service providers, Bidfood and Service Foods. The vast majority of New Zealand’s restaurant chains are also committed to going cage-free.
“Hens kept in cages for their eggs are forced to live in horrible, cramped conditions with each bird having little more living space than the size of an A4 sheet of paper. They can barely even open their wings. This is an appalling way to treat any animal. Kiwis demand better and with people more easily able to avoid purchasing cage eggs, it’s only a matter of time until the cruel confinement of hens will be history.”
“We understand not all businesses can switch to sourcing only cage-free eggs overnight. We want companies to be successful in reaching a cage-free status. SAFE has a dedicated corporate campaigns team who are happy to provide information and work with companies to reach this goal. We look forward to removing more businesses from the no-policy list and encourage them to contact us.”
SAFE is New Zealand’s leading animal rights organisation.
We’re working towards a world where animals are understood and respected in such a way that they are no longer exploited, abused or made to suffer.
– Each business on the directory has been labelled with its cage-free status including whether some or all their egg ingredients are cage-free, and what date they will phase out their use of cage eggs, if they haven’t already. All the businesses on the ‘no policy’ list have been contacted at least once by SAFE.
– SAFE’s corporate campaigns team can provide information and work with companies on producing cage-free policies. Businesses who would like to be removed from the no-policy list can contact the corporate campaigns team at
– SAFE is a member of the Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition that brings together 55 animal protection groups to create a unified front in the shared campaign to free egg-laying hens from cages.