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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health

This Code of Practice for Radiation Therapy (code) is issued by the Director for Radiation Safety (the Director) under section 86 of the Radiation Safety Act 2016 (the Act). It provides operational details necessary to comply with the fundamental requirements in sections 9 to 12 of the Act. Appendix 1 sets out cross-references between clauses in this code and those fundamental requirements.

The scope of this code includes all activities associated with the use of irradiating apparatus and sealed radioactive material for medical therapeutic purposes. This includes computed tomography equipment used solely for radiotherapy treatment planning or verification. Activities can include manufacturing, possessing, controlling, managing, using, storing, importing, exporting, selling, supplying and disposing of equipment.

This code incorporates the most recent recommendations made by the International Atomic Energy Agency and supersedes the codes or practice (CSP12, 13 and 14) that were issued the old Radiation Protection Act 1965 (the old Act).