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Source: Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

09 Jul, 2019

A new book edited by Dr David Hall aims to shift the discussion on climate change – from what needs to be done to how we should deal with it now.

A new book aims to shift the discussion on the climate crises – from what needs to be done to how we should deal with it now.

A Careful Revolution: Towards a low-emissions future has eleven chapters written by eleven experts and edited by Dr David Hall from AUT’s The Policy Observatory.

It is an attempt to focus New Zealand on the transition of moving to a low-carbon economy, instead of just on the destination.

“The conversation about climate change has up until recently mostly been focused on whether it is happening and what the proposed policies are,” Hall says.

“There hasn’t really been much of a conversation about the politics of putting those policies in place.”

David Hall and fellow contributor Associate Professor Maria Bargh from Victoria University of Wellington, will speak about the new book at AUT on July 10 at 4.30pm.

The pair will discuss whether the low-carbon revolution can be careful, and how it can be done with respect to and in true partnership with Māori.

The talk is free and no RSVP is necessary. Click here for details of the event.

A Careful Revolution: Towards a low-emissions future can be purchased from Bridget Williams Books.