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Source: Auckland Council

Henderson-Massey Local Board has agreed its 2019/20 work programme which sets out its investment over the next year.

Highlights include improvements to Westwave leisure centre, Massey community centre, Moire park, and Kelston Community centre. The board allocated $194,000 for environmental programmes, while a Young Enterprise Scheme will help young people into work.

The board has also agreed a new community arts broker role, to create arts opportunities in less well-utilised community spaces and centres and involve people in arts outside of the traditional art gallery or cultural facility.

Programme of investment

Local Board Chair, Shane Henderson, says he is excited about the programme of investment.

“This is one of the things that we have been working really hard to get right. Allocating funding to projects and programmes that will make a real difference in the Henderson-Massey Local Board area is an important role that we play.

Arts broker

“Finding ways to help our communities will help our area thrive. One of the key new initiatives is the funding of a community arts broker role,” he says.

“This is really exciting as it is the first time that the Henderson-Massey area will have someone dedicated to bringing more arts into our lives.

“This role has worked really well in other parts of Auckland, and I am confident that it will be successful here too. Tapping into local creativity and finding opportunities to encourage art around us is fabulous.


“While the funding of our environmental programme will have a real impact on the ground. We stand with the council’s declaration of a climate emergency and know that making a difference at a local level is where we can really influence and help in our own way.

“The almost $200,000 of funding will enable things such as pollution prevention programmes, a pest-free Te Atatu coordinator, and our own low carbon plan.

Improving our facilities

“Finally, we know the services council provides are essential for our community, so we are really pleased to have been able to agree to the programme of improvements to Westwave pool and leisure centre and Kelston community centre.

“The improvements to these and other council facilities in the area are much needed and will make a huge difference.”