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Source: Far North District Council

A major project to convert the district’s 51,104 paper-based property records into digital files has passed the halfway mark. 

The milestone is part of a project launched in 2017 to make the Far North District Council’s more than 6 million paper property documents easily and quickly accessible online. 

General Manager – Corporate Services Will Taylor says the Council has made a considerable financial commitment to convert its legacy paper-based system into an electronic format. This includes upgrading electronic storage, search and payment technology. 

He says the project includes the introduction of a fee to access the files and that will be applied next month. 

“Previously, the full cost of storing, accessing and responding to property file requests was borne entirely by ratepayers. We believe that shifting the cost to those who actually use the service will be a much fairer approach.”

The $25 fee will be charged from 1 July 2019 for each property file requested. Initially, this can be paid by credit card over the phone, or in person at one of the Council’s Service Centres. 

From September, customers will be able to order and pay for property files online accessed via the FNDC website. 

Mr Taylor says that real estate agents and other businesses that regularly request property files were made aware that the digitisation project would include a fee to access files. A follow-up email detailing how to make payments was sent to business customers earlier this week. 

The property file digitisation project is on track for completion by August 2020, with 60 per cent, or 31,615 files, now digitised.

Mr Taylor says that once the huge job of scanning paper-based files is completed, customers will be able to order, pay for, and download property files via the FNDC website.

Go to for more information or call the FNDC Customer Services Team on 0800 920 029.