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Source: New Zealand Transport Agency

The NZ Transport Agency has immediately suspended vehicle inspector Antony Homan, Lawrence-based inspecting organisation Win Engineering and Mechanical Services Limited and its delegate Lisa Gillian. The NZ Transport Agency is concerned that some vehicles have been issued with Warrants of Fitness (WoF) incorrectly following two upheld complaints against the Otago business and reviews carried out by the Agency.

In one case, a vehicle with rust, a damaged fuel-line and braking issues was incorrectly given a WoF. Win Engineering and Mechanical Services Limited has also been found non-compliant in its processes and administration.

For this reason, we strongly encourage people who have a current Warrant of Fitness issued from Win Engineering and Mechanical Services Limited to get their vehicles rechecked.

The NZ Transport Agency will contact around 460 affected vehicle owners individually as soon as possible to advise them on recheck options. Vouchers will be provided.

Note for customers:

The NZ Transport Agency has records of all WoF inspections. Should we have any concerns about the inspection and certification of your vehicle’s WoF we will contact you directly by both phone and letter, using the personal information recorded on the vehicle owner’s file.

If you have moved address or changed contact number in the past year and have not updated this, please do so by phoning the Transport Agency on 0800 108 809.

On our website we have further information about the regulatory compliance review and warrant of fitness information for customers: