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Source: Environmental Protection Authority

10 June 2019

Your views are sought on an application to introduce the fungicide Amicus to New Zealand.

The applicant, Nufarm, is seeking approval to import or manufacture Amicus as a novel fungicide for the control of the diseases club root in transplanted brassica crops and powdery scab in potatoes.

The active ingredient in Amicus, amisulbrom, is new to New Zealand, and is applied to brassicas as a pre-plant seedling drench and to potatoes as an in-furrow spray.

The application proposes that while there are some risks associated with AMICUS, these can be managed and mitigated by following use instructions. Nufarm says this substance would provide a beneficial tool for the horticultural industry in disease control and resistance management.

This application is being publicly notified to enable people to provide us with information they believe we should be aware of, such as beneficial or adverse effects additional to those the applicant has described.

Submissions close at 5pm on 19 July 2019.

Visit the consultations page for more information.