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Source: Taxpayers Union

Nelson Mayor a ‘climate emergency’ hypocrite
Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese’s hypocrisy in her declaration of a ‘climate emergency’ is staggering, says the Taxpayers’ Union, after the Mayor today refused to take up the Union’s invitation to sign a pledge not to use ratepayer-funded international flights on climate change junkets. Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says, “Earlier today, Taxpayers’ Union representatives presented the Nelson City Council with a petition of more than 500 signatures gathered in just 24-hours against the Mayor and Council wasting money on this climate grandstanding. Ratepayers want their local councils to stick to core-services, not waste time and money on a Mayor’s virtue signalling.” “We took to the Council a pledge and asked the elected representatives to sign-up to not using ratepayer-funded international air travel to save the environment.  To our astonishment, the Mayor would not sign it.”Earlier this week, the Taxpayers’ Union released details of the Mayor’s ‘climate junket’ trip to Copenhagen which was apparently essential to view a yet-to-be-open climate change museum. The Mayor spent more than $3,000 of ratepayer money just on her luxury Scandinavian accommodation.“Cutting international air travel is one of the surest ways we as citizens can cut our individual emissions.  The fact the Mayor is declaring a climate emergency, but refusing to walk the talk, shows what this PR effort is really all about.” “Nelson’s Mayor needs to declaring a state of hypocrisy emergency, not just a climate emergency.” The petition can be signed at Video from the presentation to Councillors earlier today — including the Taxpayers’ Union mascot, Porky the Waste-hater — is available to view at