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Source: SAFE NZ
Compassionate Kiwis are ditching animal products and opting for kinder plant-based foods, according to new figures from Horizon Research.
The Horizon Research poll shows there has been a rise in conscious food purchases over the past three years. Kiwis are eating less meat, dairy and fish products, and the majority of Kiwis say they will consider removing meat and fish from their diets entirely.
SAFE Head of Education, Nichola Kriek says Kiwis are putting their values into action.
“More Kiwis are eating plant-rich foods that make a positive difference to animals, the planet and their health,” says Nichola.
“When we spend our money we are choosing what we want to support, and a growing number of New Zealanders are saying no to animal cruelty, climate destruction and ill health.”
This is good news for the over the over 100 million SAD (Sick And Deformed) chickens reared in appalling conditions in NZ each year. A small reduction in meat eating can save the lives of 100’s of thousands of animals. A three percent reduction in chicken consumption can save up to three million animals.
“Just like many other people around the world, Kiwis have become aware of the detrimental impact meat farming has on animals, the environment and our health,” says Nichola.
“This poll shows people are not only considering a vegetarian diet, they are actually making the change,”
“It’s never been easier for Kiwis to take meat, dairy, chicken and fish products off their plate. This month is Meat Free May, and we encourage everyone to try it out by signing up to our six-week 100% Plant-Based Challenge.” 
Key figures from the Horizon Research Poll:
 – Most New Zealanders (81%) ate some meals without animal products (meat, fish, dairy and eggs) over the last 12 months
 – Compared with a year ago, there were substantial net declines in eating meat, dairy and fish products: Net declines(defined as the percent saying they are eating more minus the percent saying they are eating less than a year ago) were in eating meat (- 26% points), dairy products (- 17% points) and fish (- 12% points). On the other hand, there was a very small net increase in eating eggs (+ 1% point) and a larger net increase in eating meals without meat, fish, dairy products or eggs than 12 months ago (+15% points). 8% said this was to help prevent cruelty to animals.