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Source: Auckland Council

There is still time to have your say on structure plans for future urban zoned land in Drury-Opāheke and Pukekohe-Paerata.

“This is an important time for existing and prospective new residents to give feedback on how they’d like to see these two key southern areas developed over the next 10-30 years,” said Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore.

“People have until 30 April to have their say on shaping how best these two areas can be developed. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to influence the future.

“We’re talking about major urban transformation to house an additional 60,000 people in the areas currently zoned future urban in Drury-Opāheke and 20,000 in Pukekohe,” he said.

“Drury-Opāheke, in particular, will see whole new communities with a variety of housing choices, centres, community facilities, transport networks and jobs.”

The structure plans aim to manage the best use of land, unlocking the potential for growth while protecting the environment including productive fertile soils around Pukekohe.

“Across the region, we’re looking at improving existing urban areas and new greenfield developments with better travel options, more jobs and the ability for people to live and work locally without adding to traffic congestion.”

After feedback is reviewed, the plans will be finalised towards approval by the council later this year.

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