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Source: Auckland Council

All Summerset Retirement Village resident Rodney Cuckow wants is a seat at Karaka Lakes where he can sit and remember his wife Marilyn.

The couple loved to wander the lakeside path but Marilyn has passed after a battle with cancer and Rodney can’t manage the track without a bit of a rest nowadays.

Rodney couldn’t attend the Papakura Local Board meeting after appointments at the Manukau Super Clinic, but his daughter Amanda Gemmell made an impassioned plea on her parents’ behalf.

“My dad can’t stay physically connected with my mum any more, but I know he would love to be able to sit and contemplate – to be with her spiritually –  at a place that was so important to them,” Amanda says.

Her words hit home and the board asked that costs be sought and the work be included in the 2019-20 work programme.

Manurewa-Papakura Councillor Daniel Newman wondered if something could not be done quicker.

“We will have a chat with the developers and see if we can’t get something done without it having to be considered at workshops and referred to board meetings.”

Amanda says the family couldn’t donate a seat, but with more older residents at the village, the walk is increasingly popular.

“Mum’s name isn’t famous, but her life was remarkable to those of us who loved her.”