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Source: Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA)

PPTA president Jack Boyle channels his inner Gil Scott-Heron for this month’s viewpoint

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

You will not be able to stay home,
You will not be able to log on and cop out
You will not suddenly achieve work/life balance in flipped classrooms or
catch up on your KAMAR entries while your students are doing ‘independent research’.

The revolution will not be automated.
The revolution will not be brought to you by Microsoft Schools, Mindlab
or Google Docs – without pop ups or direct to your Surface Pro in three easy clicks.
The revolution will not help you develop your skills as a pedagogue through AI cartoon characters in self-help tutorials you can access from the cloud.

The revolution will not be automated:
The revolution will not be brought to you by CORE or Ulearn or feature VR headsets.
You won’t see Expert Teachers beamed to your laptop blowing a bugle and leading compulsory PLD on Inquiry Based Teaching.
The revolution will not be project based.
It will not liberate you from admin nor free you up to spend more one to one time with your students in hands-on, competency based learning.
The revolution will not randomly select a sample of eight students per standard for
NCEA moderation.
There won’t be anytime online assessment tasks that pop up in your students’ Facebook Feed and only assess them when they are ready to be assessed.
It won’t automatically update their ATAR scores.
The revolution will not make your marking load five pounds lighter,
Because the revolution will not be automated.

The revolution will not track the GPS on a student’s phone to issue an L for Lateness in the SMS.
The revolution will not guarantee you classes of less than 26 or provide a compensatory mechanism when you are .4 over your maximum hours for the first three terms.
Your subsidized TESLA laptop will not set your relief for you.
It will not automatically sync to the new Smartboard when you have to move to the classroom down the hall because the class before you is doing an assessment.

There will be no Kahoot quiz to diagnose students’ prior knowledge and build an IEP at the click of a mouse.
You will not be issued with a set of Google Glasses when you become fully registered.
There will be no instant transfer of a learning moment to a student’s e-Portfolio.
There will be no auto-download of the next Learning Set on the LPF.
The revolution will not result from a brand new process ensuring a child’s $300 tablet works on the school network.
Because the revolution will not be automated

You won’t be strolling through all glass learning corridors facilitating virtual science experiments wearing an Amazon Headset with built in microphone that can create a fully immersive volcano experience for children on beanbags…
You will not be liberated from answering emails at 10.30pm the day before hand ins.
You won’t have robot reader writers or admin assistants.
Your lessons won’t be a perfect sequence of Ted Talks curated to each individual student’s strengths by an AI chatbot.
The revolution will not be automated
The revolution will not be automated, will not be automated
The revolution will not be an online module you can access from the comfort of your open plan stand up hot desk…
The revolution will be live.

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