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Source: Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA)

Kathleen Liberty, Ph.D* has written a short document called “How to Support Child and Adolescent Learning and Coping in the Immediate Aftermath of the Shooting: Suggestions for Parents and Teachers” that we believe will be very helpful for many of you. You can download it here.

As Ms. Liberty writes, “These suggestions are not intended to supplant individual or group therapy or counselling for bereaved children, adolescents and families. Children and adolescents should be referred for professional services according to mental health guidelines.”

“The idea for this booklet came about from dismay at comments and trolling following the sad events of Friday 15 March in Christchurch, as well as my committment to the importance of using research evidence to advise teachers and parents. In my investigations, I found that many websites giving advice to parents and teachers suggested strategies that turned out not to be supported by recent research. Therefore, with the help and advice of my support team, I have written this booklet from an psycho-social-educational perspective, based on published research literature cited at the end of this document. Please feel free to share. Kia Kaha, New Zealand.”

* With support from Sue Bagshaw, Bronwyn Hayward, Alison Hill, Anne Horton, Brie Liberty and Kirsty Robinson

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