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Source: Whangarei District Council

This page contains information about Council’s transportation plans for the upcoming 2019-2020 Annual Plan.

Updated: 20/03/2019 11:58 a.m.

​We are all about getting around. In fact, did you know that we spend about 24 cents in every dollar on transportation – sealed roads, gravel roads, cycleways, footpaths, bus shelters, parking and more.

This year we’re resealing 90kms of our existing network.

We’re continuing our work upgrading city intersections, making it easier and faster to get to where you want to go.

We’re investing $1.5 million in urban intersection upgrades at:

We’re also looking at ways to improve the Walton Street/Robert Street intersection in the CBD.


There will also be new bus shelters and $417,000 spent on new footpaths across the District.

Whangarei is going places – and we want to get there faster, safer and better!

Our Shared Path Network

Our shared paths will be an off-road walking and cycling network for Whangarei, connecting communities, schools, clubs and sportsfields. We want to create a District where walking and cycling is easy, safe and enjoyable everywhere.


The Kamo Shared Path will be completed and planning will continue on the Raumanga path. Once complete these will, along with the Onerahi shared path, create an off-road network getting kids to school safely and reducing congestion on our roads.

Road sealing requests

As a District, we have 1049kms of sealed roads and 700kms of unsealed roads. Each year we get lots of requests to seal gravel roads. We consider all these requests and make priorities for future sealing. Most seal extensions are not currently funded by NZTA subsidies, so this programme has a limited budget.