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Source: Environmental Protection Authority

12 March 2019

We have been notified of two appeals to the High Court around a marine dumping consent we granted to Coastal Resources Limited (CRL) to dump sediment, made up of sand and mud, 25 kms offshore Great Barrier Island.

General Manager of Climate, Land & Oceans Siobhan Quayle said: “CRL already holds a consent, which expires in 13 years, to dispose of 50,000 cubic metres of dredged sediment annually at the approved site, known as the Northern Disposal Area.

“In June 2018 CRL applied to the EPA to expand its operation to 250,000 cubic metres annually, which was publicly notified on 30 July 2018.

“During this time we directly notified a number of iwi groups of the application. EPA staff went to Great Barrier Island and engaged with the Great Barrier Local Board on the application during the submission process,” Ms Quayle said.

“Information relating to the decision is publicly available on our website. The EPA cannot make any further comment during the High Court appeals process.”

The Decision-making Committee found that:

  • The potential adverse effects on the environment, including cumulative effects, of any disposal activity will be restricted to the Northern Disposal Area and negligible beyond the boundary.

  • Any potential adverse effects on ‘Existing Interests’, including those on commercial fishing activities, will be negligible beyond the boundary.

  • The proposed operational procedures, mitigation measures and conditions will ensure that the biological diversity of marine species, ecosystems and processes in the Hauraki Gulf, and wider coastal and offshore environment, will be protected.

  • Coastal Resources Limited is required to comply with a number of other legislative regimes that relate to health and safety and environmental protection. These will further protect the environment and minimise any potential for adverse effects from the disposal activity.