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Source: Green Party

The Salvation Army’s State of the Nation report shows the importance of putting the heart back into social support so that all New Zealanders can live with dignity.

“The state of the nation reports are an opportunity to reflect as a nation on what kind of country we want. This provides more evidence that we need to be bold in our response”, Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson said today.

“As part of our Confidence and Supply Agreement with Labour, the Green Party negotiated an overhaul of the social support system in Aotearoa.

“This work is underway, with the Welfare Expert Advisory Group (WEAG) investigating how we transform social support so that it stops New Zealanders from languishing unnecessarily in poverty.

“We are a kind and generous country, but the State of the Nation report shows that too many New Zealanders, including children, are living in entrenched poverty because of woefully inadequate social support.

“Together, we are going to change that. We need to see an increase in the levels of support, we need the harshness taken out of how we give support, removing excessive sanctions and penalties.

“I look forward to the WEAG report and the response to it that will help New Zealanders live with dignity”.