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Source: Whangarei District Council

This page contains information about the new rubbish compactor located near the Parua Bay transfer station.

Updated: 13/02/2019 12:00 a.m.

​Council staff hope that a new $70,000 rubbish compactor may solve problems that have dogged the Parua Bay Transfer Station for years. 

A coin-operated $70,000 Watson Engineering rubbish compactor, fully funded by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s Tourism Infrastructure Fund, has been installed close to the transfer station. 

Solid Waste engineer David Lindsay said the compactor would take about 60 litres of rubbish at a time, the same quantity as Council’s larger rubbish bags. 

“People don’t have to use the bags – they can empty their rubbish bin straight in, but that gives you an idea of how much it can handle at a time.”

The machine is coin operated, costing $2 a time.   When the $2 goes into the slot, the chute is released and the bag or rubbish can be dropped in.  The chute then locks, and a compactor moves the rubbish back into a removeable box. When the box is full a truck will take it away and leave a new one in its place. 

The system is monitored by CCTV cameras, and will operate day and night, while the transfer station remains operational for larger loads and recycling during its established hours. 

Mr Lindsay said the Parua Bay Transfer Station has been operating without a resource consent for several years. A new application for resource consent to for the operation to continue as it is on a slightly larger footprint will be heard on 21 March 2019. 

In the meantime, Parua Bay locals and Council staff have been exploring options for a new site.