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Source: New Zealand Police

Attribute to Detective Superintendent Stu Allsop-Smith:

Police have conducted an investigation into a burglary and other matters involving Christchurch based academic Professor Anne-Marie Brady.

Professor Brady has reported a number of incidents which have occurred since late 2017 including a burglary at her home, two break-ins at her university office, damage to her vehicle, and a series of anonymous phone calls. 

Police have taken these incidents very seriously and a lengthy, detailed and extensive investigation has been conducted. This has involved all necessary police resources including detailed forensic analysis, interviews and expert advice.

The burglaries and other matters reported remain unresolved at this time.

The investigation is now at a point where there are no further lines of enquiry to pursue unless new information becomes available. Any new information will be carefully assessed to determine what, if any evidential relevance it may have.

Police, in conjunction with Professor Brady’s employer, will continue to provide updated advice to Professor Brady including security advice if required, and maintain an active response plan.

Professor Brady has been updated on the status of the police investigation.


Issued by Police Media Centre