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Source: National Party

Thousands of commuters on Auckland’s North Shore felt the effects of the Government’s close union ties when bus services were cancelled without notice this morning, National’s Workplace Relations and Safety spokesperson Scott Simpson says.

“Strikes inconvenience the public at the best of times. But wildcat strikes, without notice, are the worst kind of militant action and use ordinary Kiwis as leverage in industrial disputes.

“The Government has empowered its union affiliates through legislation which has encouraged the most strikes in decades, with worse to come. It appears indifferent to the disruptions inflicted on our communities.

“North Shore commuters paid the price with a bus strike today they didn’t know was taking place. They had no chance to make other travel arrangements. The Labour-led Government needs to condemn this type of blunt-force strike action.

“Wildcat strikes do nothing to enhance the public’s already low opinion of trade union militancy and the Government needs to make clear to union bosses that strikes without notice are unacceptable.

“The Government must take much of the blame for this new era of strikes since it has imposed laws that give statutory authority to the unions, make our workplaces less flexible, drive up costs and make it harder for businesses to create new jobs.

“National believes economic growth is the best way to drive up wage growth and create employment opportunities. We will reverse this Government’s employment law changes and focus on a sensible economic growth strategy that give all Kiwis more opportunities.”