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Source: Taxpayers Union
The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has announced it will open a planned giving programme in light of a $350,000 bequeathment to the Green Party. “Good on Ms Harris for her democratic participation. The extent of her generosity toward the party of her choice reflects well on the strengths of her beliefs.” “However, political parties aren’t the only groups that need resources in the fight for better policy. The Taxpayers’ Union will soon be launching a bequeathment or ‘planned giving’ programme so our supporters can extend their support for lower taxes, less waste, and more transparency beyond their lifetime.” “The Green Party’s official policy is to cap individual political donations at $35,000, but we are glad to see they have accepted this beqeathment from Ms Harris. It is a sign of a healthy democracy that individuals are willing to entrust their hard-earned money to political parties, and from a taxpayer perspective this is certainly preferable to publicly funding political campaigns.” “The Greens are often the first to claim that political donations imply favours or ‘pay for play’. By definition a bequest is the giving to a cause for nothing in return. We hope the party can take note, 350,000 times.” Individuals interested in the details of the Taxpayers’ Union’s planned giving programme should email
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