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Source: Green Party

The Green Party are welcoming the report by the Tomorrow Schools Independent Taskforce and are excited by the transformative, systemic changes that it recommends.

“I want to thank the Taskforce Chair Bali Haque and everyone else who contributed to this fantastic piece of work, on their collaboration, bold ideas, robust debate and meaningful work,” Green Spokesperson on Education Chlöe Swarbrick said today.

“Our education system is leaving too many kids behind. We need to ensure that schools are serving every childs’ needs – no matter their background, location or ethnicity. This report has identified a number of issues that we need to confront if we’re to have an education system that is inclusive, adaptable and fit for a rapidly changing world.

“This report recommends transformative changes in eight key areas: governance, schooling provision, competition and choice, disability and learning support, teaching, school leadership, resourcing and central education agencies. There’s some massive changes recommended, so public consultation in the next stage of the review will be critical to development and consensus building.

“Students, parents and teachers will now have an opportunity to contribute to this hugely important conversation as the Taskforce begin public consultation on their recommendations and we’re very keen to see the results of that process.

“We have the beginnings of a roadmap for the future of our education system, one that emphasises the unique identity of Aotearoa New Zealand and places Te Tiriti o Waitangi and community at its heart.”