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Source: Tertiary Education Commission

Two EFTS entitlement to Youth Guarantee
From 2018, you must not enrol a student in Youth Guarantee if the student:
has already received two EFTS of Youth Guarantee provision; or
would exceed two EFTS worth of Youth Guarantee provision during the period of proposed enrolment.
See Condition: Student eligibility under Use of YG Fund Funding for eligible students.
Learning hours
We have clarified our requirements for entering learning hours information into the Services for Tertiary Education Organisations (STEO) learning hours fields. See Learning hours, under Duration, under Information about qualifications on the Qualifications and courses page.
Recognition of prior learning / prior achievement
We have better aligned our information with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority’s (NZQA’s) guidelines. See Recognition of learning / prior achievement on the Enrolment, and Funding and payments pages.