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Source: New Zealand Police

Source: New Zealand Police

Senior Constable Kevin Stone and Sergeant Craig Kennedy of New Zealand Police’s Maritime Unit performed an unusual rescue on the Waikato River yesterday.

The officers were on the river evaluating a Hamilton Search and Rescue boat when they spotted a dog in the water.

“Yesterday Senior Constable Stone, Sergeant Vince Ranger from Hamilton SAR and myself were on the Waikato River about three kilometres south of Hamilton’s CBD. I noticed a small dog clawing at a vertical cliff face trying to get out of the water,” says Sergeant Kennedy.

“On closer inspection the dog wasn’t able to get out of the water and was nearing exhaustion. When we got the boat next to him he turned to swim towards us and we retrieved him.”

The officers couldn’t see an owner nearby, so they gave Hamilton City Council’s Animal Education and Control team a call to come and pick him up.

He’s now been collected by his owner and is safe and sound at home.


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