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Source: New Zealand Police

Source: New Zealand Police

Senior Sergeant Jared Kirk says as we start October, Otago Coastal Police will be stepping up patrols focusing on the four main behaviours we know contribute to harm on the roads.

“Last October, over a five day period, 15 people were killed on New Zealand roads in nine separate crashes. We really want to ensure our communities are safe, so we will be out on the roads targeting the risk factors we know contribute to death and serious injury.

“What this means for drivers is if you are speeding, you will be stopped, if we see you texting on your phone or holding it to your ear, you will be stopped. There will be more check points to breath test drivers and there will be a greater emphasis on making sure people are wearing seatbelts.

“We know these are the four driving behaviours that contribute to death and injury, and we are committed to reducing the harm caused by them on our roads. So if you go to engage in one of these behaviours, stop and think again.

“Nobody wants to share the road with people who aren’t paying attention or who are taking unnecessary risks. Road safety is everybody’s responsibility, so let’s all make an effort to watch out for each other on the roads.”


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