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Source: ACT Party

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“$1 and $2 lolly mix bags are on the way out as dairy owners fall foul to loopy labelling laws,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 

“Dairy owners around New Zealand are being told by representatives of confectionary companies in a recent push that their $1 and $2 mix bags don’t meet the labelling laws introduced back in 2002.

“These Kiwi classics haven’t been a problem for 16 years but dairy owners are now finding that not listing all lollies in a mix bag could led to court action.

“It’s an absurd consequence of the nanny state built by both Labour and National and goes against the Kiwi way of life.

“Everyone will remember heading down to the dairy as a kid with gold-coin in hand to buy a $1 or $2 bag of lollies. Even Parliament’s own cafes stock a supply of unlabelled mixed lollies.

“The fact it’s only now cropping up because of competitors just goes to show there’s never been a problem selling these treats.

“Dairies are just the latest to fall foul to another unintended consequence of overregulation.

“As Under-Secretary to the Minister of Regulatory Reform, I campaigned to ensure regulations are made to solve real problems. There is no problem with unlabelled lolly mixes. People can see they are unlabelled and chose whether or not to buy them, there is no need for government intervention.

“What happened to commonsense?”