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Source: ACT Party

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“Massey University Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas must resign after fresh evidence shows the lengths at which she was willing to go to bar free speech and rational inquiry at the University,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 

“In emails spanning weeks, Ms Thomas was fishing for any excuse to bar Dr Don Brash from speaking due to her intolerance to views different to the ones she holds.

“I’m astonished that Professor Thomas was more concerned with coddling students from hearing alternative views and debating opinions than upholding the university charter and free speech on campus.

“Such hostile behaviour towards free speech cannot be tolerated in New Zealand and especially not at a publicly-funded university which exists to educate and broaden the minds of students.

“The Chancellor and University Council will have to consider carefully whether they can attract students with a Vice-Chancellor who abuses her power to undermine the most basic values of a university education.”