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Source: ACT Party

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“The National Party’s support for the New Zealand Initiative’s Fit for Purpose report is richer than a millionaire pensioner with a winter heating payment,” according to ACT.

“The report rightly identifies that Governments of all stripes in New Zealand tax too much of our money, and spend it poorly. However, one group that has no right to claim this is the New Zealand National Party. If it wasn’t so expensive to the taxpayer, National complaining about low quality spending would be funny.

“The National Party happily paraded Steven Joyce and then Simon Bridges from Cape Reinga to the Bluff handing out ‘growth grants.’ They can hardly complain about corporate welfare.

“The National party continued the Gold Card, interest free student loans, and Working for Families. The National Party refused to raise the age of entitlement to national super for 20 years.  They can hardly complain about low quality transfer spending.

“National refused to index tax brackets to inflation while that inflation saw more and more earners drift into the top tax bracket can hardly complain that we are over taxed. And now they are telling the current Government to ‘heed the warning about low quality tax and spend?’

“The Party whose solution to a housing crisis was not to fix red tape and regulation, but to give targeted accommodation supplements to the areas with more expensive housing wants to complain about low quality spending? Give us a break!

“To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, ‘the National Party are not the solution to the spending problem, they are the problem.’

“Only one party in this country consistently calls for cuts to corporate welfare, middle class welfare, and taxes. That Party is ACT.