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Source: ACT Party

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The Government has shown its utter contempt for taxpayer money by botching the Chief Technology Officer hiring process and paying Derek Handley out, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Not only has the Government created an unnecessary and wasteful job, it has botched the process and wasted another $100,000 of taxpayer money in the process.

“If asked, the average New Zealander would not be able to explain what the Government Digital Services Minister or the Chief Technology Officer do.

“How do they improve the lives of New Zealanders? If that very simple question cannot be answered, those positions must be abolished at the money returned to its rightful owner.

“We have a Minister we don’t need creating a quango we really don’t need.

“Is it any wonder we can’t cut taxes for hardworking Kiwis when our Government is simply burning their money?

“There is far too much waste in Wellington. Politicians and bureaucrats are appalling stewards of taxpayer money.

“New Zealand desperate needs smaller, smarter government. ACT’s Smaller Government Bill is a step in that direction.”