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Source: Earthquake Commission – EQC

EQC is empathetic to the situation of the Goodier family, and our preference is to resolve any claim dispute before it goes to Court. Our staff and experts have met with the family on several occasions to discuss their situation, the cover that EQC provides, and the settlement of their claim.

This included a recent meeting between Louis Goodier and Deputy Chief Executive Paul Jepson. Mr Jepson reviewed the details of this case in order to discuss the claim with Mr Goodier in person, to see if agreement could be reached.

EQC’s residential insurance cover is set out in the Earthquake Commission Act, which includes maximum payment caps for building, land and contents claims. EQC has made a land payment to the Goodiers for the damage to their land and retaining walls, up to our cap limit. We have also made a payment for building damage.

Our geotechnical engineers have assessed the landslip at the Goodiers’ property. This assessment determined that whilst the landslip covers a large area it has not damaged the house. The Goodiers disagree with EQC’s assessment although to date they have not arranged for their own geotechnical engineer to validate their claim for building damage.

Despite best intentions on both sides, we have not been able to reach an agreement with the Goodier family, or their litigation funder, on what damage to their property is covered by EQC and the claim is scheduled to go before the Court on Monday 17 September.

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