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Source: ACT Party

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Clare Curran remains a Minister this evening because New Zealand has a weak Prime Minister, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Jacinda Ardern should have fired someone that has been dishonest with her, the public, and the Parliament.

“Just two weeks ago at the ACT Party Conference, I told the Prime Minister she should fire Clare Curran. She managed a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket.

“The PM continues to put up with a rabble inside her Cabinet.

“The wider problem, though, is that we have 31 high-paid MPs in the Executive. Many of them hold unecessary portfolios and haven’t achieved anything concrete in ten months. One Minister doesn’t even have a job description.

“If the PM can’t bring herself to fire Curran, here’s an alternative: get rid of her portfolios.

“We have a Minister for Open Government that holds secret meetings and a Minister for Communications that doesn’t convey key information to her boss. New Zealanders seem to have managed just fine with an incompetent Minister in these portfolios – so, why not get rid of them?

“ACT’s Smaller Government Bill would rationalise the number of portfolios from 76 to 35 and limit the number of high-paid Ministers to 20.

“The Bill will deliver fewer politicians, more focus and accountability. New Zealand needs smaller, smarter government.”