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Smaller Parliament would be a boon for taxpayers

By   /  August 13, 2018  /  Comments Off on Smaller Parliament would be a boon for taxpayers

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Source: Taxpayers Union

13 AUGUST 2018FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Responding to the ACT Party’s proposal to reduce the size of Parliament from 120 to 100 MPs, New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says: “New Zealand is a small country and its Parliament should reflect that. Having a large Parliament only benefits careerist politicians who land a sweet gig on the taxpayer’s dollar. Frankly, too many low-quality MPs manage to sneak into Parliament via the party list, and in the anonymity of the backbench they can slack off and get away with it.” “Especially welcome is the focus on reducing the number of Ministers. Ministers are the ones who spend taxpayer money, and cutting the number of Ministers will likewise reduce the number of unnecessary taxpayer-funded pet projects to justify ministerial existence. We think the $7.1 million annual forecast savings is probably an underestimation.”


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