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Source: Taxpayers Union

4 AUGUST 2018FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mayoral discretionary ‘slush funds’ are a recipe for disaster and should be scrapped, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union, in response to news that Horowhenua Mayor Michael Feyen has lost control of his Mayoral fund due to mismanagement. “Because Mayors of the past have been allowed slush funds is no reason for them to continue,” says Jordan Williams, the Union’s Executive Director. “While Mr Feyen is supposed to be a steward of ratepayers’ money, he couldn’t even be trusted to keep receipts or ensure the right person got the funds when he dished out grants. It is disgraceful.” “Frankly, anyone who is in charge of a community grant fund but thinks it is acceptable to grant himself and others travel money to attend a summit, should not be in charge of a cent.” “This particular fund, and others like it across the country, should be abolished.” Note: The Taxpayers’ Union has now filed requests for information under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act to all New Zealand councils to find out how common these discretionary mayoral grant funds are, and how often they are abused.