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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 17 March 2017– PSBAcademy (PSB), Asia’s Future Academy, was recognized at this year’s SoutheastAsia Marketing PR Awards for its Future Academy branding initiative dubbed,“The Relaunch of a Singapore Education Icon”.
  (PSB Academy was lauded for its ‘Relaunch of a Singapore Education Icon’ at Marketing Magazine’s Southeast Asia PR Awards 2018.)
PSB wasconferred the award in the best brand relaunch category, which award organizers say “recognises the bestcampaign that has revitalized or repositioned an established brand”. Othercontenders includeinsurance giant AXA and consumer goods leader Unilever.

In 2016, PSB launched itsnew Future Academy identity that built on its heritage as one of Singapore’searliest productivity champions to become a leading pan-Asian private educationinstitution that is today, reputed for delivering on a brand of education thatprepares students for the New Economy.

Since then, PSB has beenconferred over six industry awards*, including “Best Private EducationInstitution in Singapore” and “Education Institution of the Year”. In 2017, theAcademy was also accorded a prestigious PRISM award by Singapore’s apex chamberfor communication practitioners, the Institute of Public Relations Singaporefor its “Overall Outstanding Corporate Reputation programme”.

Strong performance bolstered brand relaunch

Last year, PSB inkedexclusive partnerships with education technology (edtech) platforms likePearson to enable its over 12,000 students to access and enjoy learning fromanywhere, at any time, on any device.

The Academy also investedin a S$15 million City Campus designed for new learning pedagogy such as“flipped classroom” formats and “go-to-lectures” facilitieswhich enable working adults to attend classes virtually, and engage with theirpeers and lecturers via video conferencing. By integrating learning windows forworking adults across multiple platforms, PSB has combined the benefits ofpersonalised learning journeys as well as guided learning formats to bringstudents the best of both digital and physical worlds.

Amid reports of direemployment rates of students from private schools in general, PSB’s approach toteaching has yielded strong graduate outcomes. According to research firmIdstats**, close to nine in 10 graduates from PSB found employment, includingpart-time work, upon graduating, while six in 10 benefitted from pay raises and/orbetter career prospects. In a sector that is reportedly shrinking bydouble-digit percentages, PSB registered double-digit percentage growth instudent numbers for two consecutive years.

“We are both humbledand honoured for being recognized by Marketing Magazine’s PR Awards this yearfor the great strides that we’ve made as Asia’s Future Academy. But instead ofresting on our laurels, we will work even harder to build on our reputation forproducing industry-ready graduates, to help even more people in our regionthrive in the New Economy. I wish to thank our colleagues, students andpartners for their confidence and support”, said Derrick Chang, Chief ExecutiveOfficer, PSB Academy.

Building on its stronggrowth momentum, PSB will be relocating and upgrading its laboratories at theirsecond campus in Delta, to a new multi-million-dollar STEM Campus with a focuson disciplines in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by April2018***. Designed in collaboration with both academia and industry, PSB’s STEM Campuswill host students from its School of Life and Physical Sciences as well as itsSchool of Engineering and Technology.

Cultivating Asia’s Future Makers

This month, PSB launched#PSBAFutureMakers, a movement to rally students, colleagues, partners andfriends of the Academy to share their aspirations and inspire like-mindedindividuals from the region to become a force for good for their owncommunities.
As part of that initiative,PSB pioneered Singapore private education sector’s first-of-its-kindscholarship programme, the PSBA ASEAN Future Makers Scholarships, which seeks to cultivate change makers forthe region, by recruiting scholars from across ASEAN member states with a focuson the candidate’s potential to make a meaningful social impact in his/hercommunity upon graduating from PSB. 
 “We’re proud to see how much our mission hasresonated with our stakeholders in just these two years. With the strongsupport from our student community, university partners, industry leaders, andagents, I am thrilled at the limitless potentialities and the social impactthat we can collectively make as we forge ahead to revolutionize highereducation, and inspire more people to be forces for good in the region” saidBrian San, Vice President of Strateg

*PSB Academy’s accolades:
**idstats GraduateEmployment Survey 2015 for PSB Academy:
***Pending regulatoryapproval
About PSB Academy
Onceknown as Singapore’s Productivity and Standards Board, PSB Academy is knowntoday as “The Future Academy”, with an approach to education that focuses onwhat really matters: performance in the New Economy. The Academy was conferred“Best Private Education Institution in Singapore” by the Business Excellenceand Research Group and earned a PRISM award for its “Outstanding OverallCorporate Reputation programme” by the Institute of Public RelationsSingapore. It hosts over 12,000 students from over 50 nationalities in itsslate of certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate programmes every year.Students from the Academy enjoy excellent graduation outcomes: Around nine in10 local/ international students found perm/temp employment within six months ofgraduation; six in 10 benefited from pay raises and/or career progression; andthat graduates took 2.1 months on average to find employment. Learn more
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