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11TH ANNUAL WORLD SLEEP DAY: Advocating For Better Sleep With Amlife International

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Source: Media Outreach
Headline: 11TH ANNUAL WORLD SLEEP DAY: Advocating For Better Sleep With Amlife International
SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 13 MARCH 2018 – Marking the 11th edition of the annual World Sleep Day on 16 March 2018, sleep health specialist, Amlife International (Amlife), together with health care practitioners and medical doctors worldwide will be commemorating the day with a series of awareness initiatives.  In Singapore, the global call to action on the importance of healthy sleep will follow this year’s theme of ‘Join the Sleep World, Preserve Your Rhythms to Enjoy Life’.  
Advocating forbetter sleep, Mr. Lew Mun Yee, Founder& President of Amlife stresses, “Sleep is as important as the otherfundamental elements such as eating, drinking and exercising, but it is oftencast aside in the ‘healthy lifestyle’ equation. With Singaporeans sleepingfewer hours, we hope our awareness initiatives can help to empower the massesto cultivate good, natural sleeping habits, while promoting overall happinessand reinforcing better sleep quality for everyone.”
Astudy by SingHealth Polyclinics has found that 44% of Singaporeans haveinsufficient sleep on weekdays, with each of them having less than seven hoursof sleep per day. There are close to 100 sleepdisorders, with insomnia being the highest common sleepdisorder in modern societies, triggered by hectic lifestyles.
Medical practitioners also recognizethe importance of a well-rested sleep with the use of effective bedding technology, which canhelp aid restorative sleep which significantly reduces health problemstriggered by poor quality sleep or sleep deprivation.

Commemoratingthe 11th annual World Sleep Day, Amlife has invited Professor Laura Palagini, a renowned psychiatristand an expert in sleep from Italy to spread the message on the importance of qualitysleep in Singapore. With over two decades of research experience in biological,clinical psychology and an expert in sleep disorders, she explains, “This disconnectand statistics clearly shows that there is a need to address the impact ofsleep. The lack of quality sleep not only results in acute consequences likepoor productivity or reduced alertness, but also chronic long-term consequencesthat puts individuals at risk of developing other severe health issues likeheart diseases or diabetes; and trigger several mental health conditions.”
 Amlife has helped more than 40,000 people conquer their sleep disorders for the past 4 years with their au-naturale approach of electric potential therapy, which aims to “create health from sleep” via no-medication, no-injection, non-invasive natural therapy. Originating from Japan as early as 1928 with 40 years of clinical studies, Amlife envisions a ‘bedding healthcare system’ which could address proper healthcare and recuperative therapy for customers when they are sleeping or resting. The functions revolve around electric potential therapy and carbon fibre thermotherapy, enhancing permeability of membrane and restores growth, and neutralizes acidic blood to mild alkaline. 
Beyond raisingawareness through education about the importance of sleep, Amlife is constantlyinnovating their sleep solutions. Inaddition, the brand has plans to introduce these clinical bedding systems to Singaporeto improve sleep efficiency among the local community.

Amlife’selectric potential thermotherapy mattress is certified by medical certificationbodies in Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan as medical device, with ISO 9001:2008 CertificationInternational Quality Management. Mostrecently, Amlife was awarded the prestigious World Sleep Distinguished Award inPrague, Czech Republic — recognizing them for their continuous effort in sleepeducation and awareness initiatives in Southeast Asia. To date, Amlife has sold more than 30,000 of these electricpotential medical devices worldwide.
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Published and distributed with permission of Media-Outreach.com.

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