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PayTren to Implement Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow Platform

By   /  January 9, 2018  /  Comments Off on PayTren to Implement Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow Platform

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Source: Media Outreach
Headline: PayTren to Implement Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow Platform
SINGAPORE – Media OutReach –January 9, 2018 – PT Veritra Sentosa Internasional (PayTren) signs contractwith ALE, operatingunder the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand, to implement the cloud-based Alcatel-LucentRainbow™ communication and collaboration platform. This partnership will enablePayTren to create more positive interactions for its 1.7 million customersusing digital tools.

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow is a hybrid cloud solutionwhich provides highly functional communication and collaboration servicesincluding instant messaging, rich presence voice and video services, anddocument sharing applications, as well as multi-party, multi-media conferencingcapabilities. Rainbow is also an open Communications Platform as a Service(CPaaS) based on industry standards. Through its various sets of APIs and SDK,it provides the capability to integrate communication and collaborationfeatures into the existing websites or mobiles apps of the customer.

PayTren’s app is used by hundreds of thousandsof users everyday for bill payment, money transfer and other activities.Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow APIs will enhance PayTren’s app with group chat,multimedia conversions with audio and video on any device, and analytics ontransactions.

Yusuf Mansur, owner and President Director of PTVeritra Sentosa International, said, “Through this new tool, our customers canenjoy easier and more exciting experience when using PayTren to maketransactions. ALE’s Rainbow enables us to become more customer engaging intoday’s digital world, while making it easier for people to use PayTren. Italso allows us to reach our desired communications and business goals.”

Meanwhile, Hari Prabowo, Managing Director PayTrenadded that, “Rainbow will enable users to exchange information, performtransactions, educate each other and exchange knowledge, and even provideonline lectures. This app is more than just a regular chat as it offers greatervalue by reaching beyond the enterprise to contacts outside the workforce. Withthis we can communicate with many, and enable partners to provide additionalservices and share specific information they want through groups or closedgroups.”

“PayTren chose Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow platformfor its ease-of-use, and its compatibility with PayTren’s existing app,allowing PayTren’s partners to implement it with ease. We foresee Rainbow asproviding a positive contribution and interaction to PayTren users, and allowsus to introduce Rainbow to PayTren’s 1.7 million users.”

“Companies today have many options to takeadvantage of technologies that can support their digital transformation goals,whether public, private, hybrid, CPE-based, cloud-based or a combination ofboth. Rainbow open APIs take the solution a step further for customers as theyprovide developers the ability to offer CPaaS and embed powerful collaborationtools into business applications and processes. PayTren will leverage theseAPIs while working with ALE’s dedicated global sales team for Cloud Services,that can help business partners and customers understand how migration to thecloud can help maximize business results,” explains Matthieu Destot, EVP GlobalSales & Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

ALE is currently at the forefront of a widerange of technologies ranging from CPE-based networking and communicationstechnologies, to cloud-based, on-demand solutions such as those offered throughAlcatel-Lucent Rainbow, OpenTouch®Enterprise Cloud and Network OnDemand.

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About PayTren
PT Veritra Sentosa Internasional (Treni) wasestablished in 2013 based on Yusuf Mansur’s idea to bridge ease of payment withtechnology and resulted in PayTren. PayTren is a technology or payment app thatcan be used to make transactions via cellular phone within the Treni community.The app does not work outside the community.

As a company that offers service through networkingmethod, Treni has been recognized in Indonesia and in the world as it hasacquired Direct Selling Association of Indonesia (APLI) license as part ofWorld Foundation Direct Selling Assosiation (WFDSA).

In doing its business, Treni offers two options fortransaction for all of partners, Treni Community, namely as PayTren users or aspartners who also introduce and market PayTren and develop Treni Community.

Published and distributed with permission of Media-Outreach.com.

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