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Quotiss.com is on the mission to help traditional freight forwarders become digital

By   /  January 8, 2018  /  Comments Off on Quotiss.com is on the mission to help traditional freight forwarders become digital

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Source: Media Outreach
Headline: Quotiss.com is on the mission to help traditional freight forwarders become digital
HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach –  8 January, 2018 – The freightindustry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. With150 million containers shipped annually around the globe, it acts as the life bloodcirculation for the economy. But despite the industry’s size and importance,the commercial aspect of this business still runs in traditional ways — offlineand manual.

Thereare many startups who try to revolutionize ‘ancient’ industry. Business modelslike ‘freight marketplace’ and ‘digital freight forwarder’ are funded withmillions of dollars. Question is, will freight forwarders be replaced withonline services in the near time?

Comparingforwarding business with other industries, which have recently been ‘uberized’ or digitized,its worth to mention that forwarding is much more complex than hotel booking oran airline ticket purchasing process.Imagine if every hotel would also be in charge of arranging visas, passingthrough immigration control, security check and a taxi ride for each touristglobally — would it still be so easy to book a hotel online with a couple ofclicks?

Nevertheless,the technology which helps streamline complex logistics processes is alreadyhere: electronic communication, big data analysis, transport managementsystems, etc.

Earlyadopters are already enjoying the benefits: becoming faster, more flexible and cost-efficient. There is a visiblepressure from the digitized forwarders towards their traditional competitors.

It’sbecoming obvious, that a “regular” forwarder will soon need to find ways to beon par with the digital world.

Containershipping is one of the least digitized segmentsof all transport services. Managing seafreight contracts is a well known technicalchallenge, which keeps some freight forwarders stuck in the pre-technologicalera.

Marcin Zarzecki, CEO of Quotiss says:”Complex ratecontracts, massive spreadsheets, hundreds of emails and PDFs bringfrustration to industry players, consume massive resources and destroysbusiness efficiency. No one has found a sustainable solution. Until Quotiss.”

Quotisshas united a team of industry professionals and became a successful startup supported by Techstars Ventures and Google for Entrepreneurs. They managedto solve the problem of complex rate sheetsand decode the rates. A smart algorithm, which translates the longest contractsinto a simple one-liner, has become thebackbone of the Quotiss software.   

Once the carriers’contracts are simplified and uploaded into the system, the quoting processbecomes fully automated. With all the freight rates, local charges and quotesbeing stored on one platform, freight forwarders can have full transparencyinto their commercial activities: ratesprocurement, profitability, the efficiencyof sales teams. All data is stored in one place, no more searching throughmultiple folders and emails.

“Moderntechnology used to be available only for the big players with massiveresources. But this is changing. Medium and small-sized forwarders startadopting instruments like Quotiss.com and, thus,learn to compete with efficiency and not just the rate.” — saysEugene Reznikov, Quotiss Hong Kong.
Published and distributed with permission of Media-Outreach.com.

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