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Source: New Zealand Unions Activists and Left Political Parties

Headline: Mt Albert By-Election Transport Debate – PTUA

The Public Transport Users Association is organising the main public debate of the Mt Albert by- election this Wednesday night. The focus is Auckland’s transport problems.

Auckland is struggling to cope with transport related issues: 50 % of ratepayers funds are allocated to transport and lost productivity to local businesses is estimated at $1.55 billion annually because of traffic congestion. The National Party led Govt, who are a no-show in this by-election want road taxes, while Mayor Goff wants fuel levies to fund transport infrastructure.

Political party candidates plus an independent will debate their positions on fast electric trains or slower light rail to the airport, and another harbour crossing. Considering that Sky City is attempting to have the Intercity long distance bus terminal evicted, Mayor Phil Goff’s removal of democratically elected members from the Board of Auckland Transport and the extremely poor planning that sees the $1.5 billion Waterview Tunnel requiring traffic lights due to forecast congestion, the PTUA has decided that we need to hear what the candidates propose to resolve these issues, and a lot more.

The debate is open to the public.

Media please arrive by 6:45pm.

The event will be live streamed on The Daily Blog